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Marie Osmond Net Worth: 5 Interesting Facts You Should Know



Marie Osmond Net Worth

Marie Osmond is an American actress, singer, and designer. She gained international recognition in the 1970s after her success in country music. Marie is also known for hosting the television variety show “Donny & Marie” with her brother Donny Osmond.

Here are five interesting facts about Marie Osmond

1. Marie Osmond net worth is estimated to be $20 million

According to Celebrity net worth, Marie Osmond net worth is $20 million. Marie earned most of her money in the late 1980s to 2000s when her career as a singer was blooming. She is a very diverse entertainer. She can dance, act, sing, design doll and write.

Osmond’s primary source of income is from singing and acting while she has also managed to increase her net worth by publishing three books titled “Behind the Smile: My Journey Out”, “Might As Well Laugh About It Now” and “The Key is Love”. All of her books were featured in the New York Times bestsellers list.

Marie Osmond net worth 2019 $20 million
Marie Osmond net worth 2018 $17 million
Marie Osmond net worth 1970-2017 $15 million


2. Most of her family members are in showbiz business.

Marie Osmond was born on October 13, 1959, in Utah, United States as the eighth of nine children to Olive May and George Virl Osmond. She is the only daughter in the family. Her brothers Tom Virl, Alan, Wayne, Merill, Jay, Jimmy, and Donny Osmond are all active in show business performing and singing on national television.

The Osmonds family has been in public eye since the 1960s with the majority of them achieving success in contemporary pop. The Osmond Brothers have sold total 77,000,000 records while the family has sold a total of 100 million records worldwide.

3. Marie Osmond’s musical career


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Marie started her career as a solo artist in 1970s and instantly became a teen idol. She got success in the field of country music while her brothers were basically focused on performing contemporary pop music at that time.

In 1973, she released her first single called “Paper Roses” which reached No. 1 on the country chart and reached Top 5 on the Billboard magazine pop chart. One year later, she released another single “In My Little Corner of the World” and album with the same title with both entering the Billboard country Top 40.

In 1977, she dropped her fourth studio album named “This Is the Way That I Feel”. She collaborated with Dan Seals in a song called “Meet Me in Montana”. The song became no. 1 country hit in 1985.

4. Marie’s Acting Career

Marie made a debut on television as the part of her brothers’ act The Osmond Brothers on “The Andy Williams show” when she was just 4 years old. Her professional acting career started in 1975 when she and her brother Donny hosted a variety show called “Donny & Marie”. The show ran until 1978 before it was renamed “The Osmond Family Hour” in 1979.

Other than that, she has done numerous television shows including Donny & Marie Osmond 1977 Christmas Show, Marie (1980 TV series), Rooster, The Love Boat, Maybe This Time, Almost Perfect, Marie (talk show) and many others.

5. Marie has been married three times including twice to the same man.

Marie Osmond and Stephen Craig

Marie Osmond and Stephen Craig

Marie was first in a relationship with Jeff Clayton. The couple got engaged in 1979 but due to some reasons, they called off their marriage. She reasoned that it was very difficult for her to make a commitment.

Three years later on June 26, 1982, she first married Stephen Lyle Craig, a basketball player. With Stephen, she has one child named Stephen James Craig. Due to some personal disputes, they divorced in 1985. One year later, she married Brian Blosil. They also adopted five kids named Michael Bryan, Brandon Warren, Brianna Patricia, Abigail Olive May, and Jessica Marie.

On March 30, 2007, Osmond and Blosil announced they were divorcing. Four years later in 2011, she remarried her first husband Stephen Craig in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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