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Jasmine Luv Net Worth: How Rich is the YouTube star?



Jasmine Luv Net Worth

Jasmine Luv is an American Youtuber who is known for her comedic videos which are very relatable to the fans. This has helped her to build a fan following on Instagram of over 1.3 million and is also working on a Youtube Channel that has already crossed 110k subscribers. As of 2019, Jasmine Luv net worth is estimated to be around 1.5 million.

She was born on July 5, 1989, in Columbia, South Carolina. Jasmine recalls that in her social circles, she used to always be the funniest one of them all. Yet, she never had imagined she would carve the current path that she is walking.

Rather, she had different plans in her mind that eventually led to her getting a master’s degree in accounting. She even got a job that she liked related to her subject. However, she didn’t love this job. It was then that around 2014, she started to watch Vine when it was getting really popular.

Here, she saw that there were mostly content for men but not much for women. Having a void in her life with an unfulfilling job, she started to post vines which were really funny and at the same time, relatable to women. It was here that she realized that she loved to make such videos and the aspects of it such as producing and directing.

As a result, in 2016, Jasmine made the bold decision to leave her job and move to Los Angeles to focus on her career full time. Though the early months in the city was rough as it took some time to settle down, eventually, she started to see massive growth in her followers and her brand.

Today, she has become a well-known name as an influencer and even was named as one of the “top online influencers” by VH1. She is currently part of a show called Starter Pack where she plays the role of a woman named Ayana who actually has a similar story to the real Jasmine since she also had some difficulties with life after college.

Jasmine Luv Net Worth: $1.5 million

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1 Comment

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