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DrLupo Net Worth: How Rich is the Streamer Actually?



DrLupo Net Worth

Benjamin Lupo is an American broadcaster on Twitch who has over 3.6 million followers on the platform where he live-streams playing video games to an online audience. He has the persona of DrLupo on the popular platform. As of 2019, DrLupo net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million.

Lupo was born on March 20, 1987, in Omaha, Nebraska. He grew up playing a lot of video games and in his channel, he is mostly seen playing in the FPS genre but does experiment with different genres from time to time. He has memories of his childhood where he would literally spend the entire day playing video games of different sorts. That would actually be the practice that made him such a good gamer today.

Lupo has three elder brothers. His mother’s name is Regina and the two actually used to play a lot of video games growing up that shows the support he received. He even remembers the early mornings in kindergarten where he used to play with his mother.

Sadly, Lupo’s father named James had recently passed away. He passed away from a heart attack at the age of 68 which left Lupo devastated. His father was a big inspiration in his life and he mentioned how getting out of that mental black hole in that time was not easy.


His Twitch account was created in 2013 but at the time he wasn’t really taking it that seriously. But, his channel would have a direction when in the game Diablo, he had his first Destiny come out. He looks back and says that he used to play around 80 hours a week in the game and he loved it as well since it was his something he was passionate about.

Nowadays, he is seen playing games like “Destiny 2″ or “Fortnite” or “Call of Duty. He also collaborates with other top gamers among which one of his close friends and supporters is Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, who is considered to be among the top gamers in the world right now. The two unsurprisingly met while playing a game of Battlegrounds and since then, they have been like family and helped to grow each other’s channels.

He also has a Youtube channel where he posts exclusive content and though it is secondary to his Twitch channel, it has already garnered a massive 1.5 million subscribers with a view count that has crossed 80 million. He also updates his fans regularly on his Instagram handle where he has a cool 4.4 million followers.

It is imperative that we mention the philanthropic contributions that he has been of service through his popularity as a gamer. This is something that Lupo finds very important and at the same time meaningful as well. He was even covered by Forbes for having raised a massive $1.3 million in 2018 for St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital to benefit children diagnosed with cancer. The charity stream that he hosted for four and a half hours was able to benefit the hospital by close to $1 million! Most recently, in the charity stream that he did, he was able to bring in $600,000 in a 24-hour charity stream for the hospital.

DrLupo Net Worth

As of 2019, DrLupo net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million. He has a tier 1 subscription in Twitch for $4.99 which is subscribed by most of his followers which is a major source of income for him. Moreover, he recently also signed a major multi-year contract with ReKTGlobal where he will act as the face of the company and will even reportedly have equity in it.

He also has sponsorship deals with companies like Logitech and Statefarm. He has been named one of Time magazine’s 25 most influential people on the internet and so more opportunities are surely on the way for him.

Is DrLupo married?

Lupo is married to Samantha and the couple also has a child named Charlie who is currently 3 years old. The two actually met when Lupo had heard Samantha yelling at her car because it wouldn’t start. That would be the start of a love story that ended with a happy marriage. Samantha even acts as a manager for Lupo’s channel nowadays.

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