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BlameItOnKWay Net Worth: 4 Interesting Facts You Should Know



BlameItOnKWay Net Worth

Kwaylon Rogers professionally known as BlameItOnKWay is an American social media personality and comedian.

Here are some facts about BlameItOnKWay including his net worth, career, sexuality and many more.

1. BlameItOnKWay net worth is estimated to be $500,000.

As of 2019, BlameItOnKWay net worth is estimated to be $500,000. He earned most of his money from YouTube and Instagram. Although he has posted only one video on his YouTube channel, he has been able to collect a huge number of subscribers. His YouTube channel has 160K subscribers.

He is very active on Instagram. He is known for creating short, funny sketches. He earns money by advertising products on his Instagram page.

2. He left college to become a comedian

Kwaylon Rogers was born on February 11, 1991, in Oakcliff Texas. He had an interest to become a comedian from his childhood days. He was always the class clown and loved making people laugh including his teachers.

He went to David W. Carer High School and then to San Jacinto College. He attended Texas Southern University but decided to drop out of college to become a comedian, musician and social media star.

3. He is known for creating his infamous character “Titi”.


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BlameItOnKWay took his talents to Instagram after his mother told him “Everything he touches turns golden”. His first video where he got attention was his impression of model Tyra Banks with her favorite line “Bring it down 3 more notches”.

Rogers felt honored to be able to make so many people laugh with his Instagram sketches rather than spreading superficiality with his social media presence. After he became a star, he collaborated with his sister on videos and created his character named “Titi”.

His character “Titi” as loved by his fans. She represented a woman who doesn’t feel pretty, often struggle with a relationship, friendship, and family. To portray his character as Titi, he wears a toxic pink lip color and a hair wig of different colors. BlameItOnKWay is famous all over the world and was booked at Dubai Fashion Week where he was cheered up by man dressed as women.

4. BlameItOnKWay Sexuality- Is he gay or straight?


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Many fans are quite skeptical about BlameItOnKWay sexuality. Some fans describe him based on the fact that he puts lipstick and makeup. Sometimes he is also seen posting pictures of girls on Instagram. We have no clear information about his sexuality at the moment.

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