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AzChike Net Worth: How Rich is the Rapper from Los Angeles?



AzChike Net Worth

AzChike is an American rapper who is from South Central, Los Angeles. He is best known for his hit songs “Burn Rubber Again” and “Licked Up”. As of 2019, AzChike net worth is estimated to be $250,000.

Growing up, he loved to ride bikes and was a social kid who liked to have fun with friends. As he got older and had to sustain for himself, he started working two jobs, one at the mall and another at the Grocery store.

He mentioned that the experience was eye-opening for him as he started to get frustrated with the monotonous life of living paycheck to paycheck. He finally said enough and decided to quit both his jobs on February 13, 2015, to focus fully on music.

With the money he had left, he started to make a lot of music and would start the four-member band called AzCult. They produced EP’s such as Cult Up and Chike the Great. Moreover, another successful song was Boss Up.

Yet, the breakthrough would come for him with the release of the single called “Burn Rubber Again” that received millions of plays on different platforms. With the momentum going, he went on to release a mixtape called My World.

Chike mentions that one of the great moments of his career so far has been playing in the stage at Rolling Loud. He has been steadily progressing and released his major work through the debut album titled as Rich & Ratchet that features several collaborations.

Chike is compared to 21 Savage a lot because of the deep voice they share. He is also proud of the first $100,000 that he was able to earn through his rap career. One interesting fact about him is that Chike is actually a spiritual person and believes in the power of meditation.

He says that the money aspect of the world of music is great in order to position yourself in a good way in life but his bigger picture goal is to create an impact in people’s lives through his music.

AzChike Net Worth: $250,000

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