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Todd Tucker Net Worth: 5 Interesting Facts You Should Know



Todd Tucker

Todd Tucker is a well-known producer who has been an executive producer for several successes. Tucker was born on August 4, 1973, in Georgia. Among his several successes, some of them are My Super Sweet 16 with Reginae Carter & Lil Wayne, Hollywood Divas, A Mother’s Love, and TV One: Ebony Fashion Fair.

1. Todd Tucker net worth is estimated to be $500,000

Tucker made the leap in his career when he realized that the music industry was changing and he had the understanding that the transition would be towards videos rather than only the audio part. He saw this as an opportunity and when he directed his attention towards this end, he achieved phenomenal growth in his career.

Eventually, he got into the TV line as well and developed a strong base that would attract many top projects up his plate. At the start, he was involved with BET News as well as Rip The Runway. He has also been a part of the team for OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network as well as the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Todd Tucker Net Worth

Todd Tucker Net Worth (in graph)

Todd Tucker net worth 2019 $500,000
Todd Tucker net worth 2018 $400,000
Todd Tucker net worth 2017 $300,000

2. Tucker has his own production company called TTucker Productions

This is a passion that Tucker works on with him focusing on different services through his company like the creation and pitching of different concepts. The company is also big on developing different and authentic shows and then producing them.

The only question is what he hasn’t done rather than what he has. Be it music videos, live television, news programming, as well as reality shows, Todd has put a lot of hard work into his company.

3. Tucker now wants to focus on dramas and feature films

He is a person with a dynamic attitude and as a result, is interested in trying to unleash the potential that is there inside of him with different new experiments. As a result, he is now more inclined to do one-hour dramas and feature films. This step is definitely going to help him print a new aspect as a producer.

4. He also has a clothing line called Repurseason Clothing Co.


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The clothing line has a unique idea of integrating the zodiac sign of the customers into their products. Their products include t-shirts, cups, and many accessories. They have a lot of catchy slogans in these products.

For example, for someone who is a Pisces, they have the ‘Pisces Keep it 100’ theme. Another one of their popular ideas has been having a google keyword button and putting in different positive characteristics of a horoscope.

5. Todd Tucker’s wife is TV star Kandi Burruss

Though Todd was in the media line, it was only in 2011 once he started to date the Kandi Burruss that he got fame. She is an R&B singer as well as a Grammy award-winning star of, Kandi Burruss. This was during the setting of the fourth season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. They are now married and are now parents as well. They are currently working on developing a stage play together called Kandi’s life.

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