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Matt Higgins Net Worth: 5 Interesting Facts You Should Know



Matt Higgins Net Worth

Matt Higgins is a celebrated man, who came from the downsides of life to the upper echelons of the world. An investor, businessman, innovator, top executive, and business advisor. Although he had a hard early life at the beginning, he never let background shackles deter him as he steadily moved his way to success.

He’s a co-founder of RSE and also the CEO, An Executive in Dolphins company owned by Stephen Ross and also a business advisor to big companies.

Five intriguing facts you should know about Matt Higgins:

1. Matt Higgins Net Worth is estimated to be $150 million

It’s hard to place Matt Higgins net worth exactly due to his varying deals but it’s roughly sum up to $150 million. He earns as an investor, deal broker, Business and Financial advisor and his most recent debut ABC ‘s show.

In addition to that, Higgins has also financed the popular dessert shop Milk bar, coffee shop Bluestone Lane David Cheng’s Momofuku & Pizza and online service Resy.

Matt Higgins Net Worth 2019 Over $150 million
Matt Higgins Net Worth 2018 $100 million
Matt Higgins Net Worth 2017 $70 million

2. Personal life and History

Matt Higgins, an Irish descent was born on October 2, 1977,7 in Flushing, New York City. Matt upbringing wasn’t very smooth, as his mother suffered an ailing sickness and his background was poor. As a poor kid, Matt struggled and dropped out of high school.

He later enrolled for a night class in Queens College where he graduated with a political science degree and also went to Fordham University of law. Matt is a lover of sport, an enthusiastic runner. He suffered from testicular cancer which he was confirmed survivor in 2007.

3. Matt has won several awards and nominations

Every great man is an award-winning person. Matt is no less to that as he enjoyed phenomenal success in his career. He has worked with different organizations and companies. An award-winning investigative reporter, adding to his portfolio, he was the youngest press in New York under his boss Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani.

Recently, he was nominated to join the popular ABC’s hot show “SHARK TANK”. Matt has enjoyed and still enjoying his successful careers, he’s being called to career talks, business conferences and many more. In 2011, Mr. Higgins was recognized in Sports Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 as one of the most outstanding executives in sports.

4. Matt’s Investments in different sectors

Matt Higgin’s is a successful investor. He’s the co-founder of RSE and CEO. RSE specializes in a different niche like Sports, Marketing, food, lifestyles, technologies, media, and entertainment just to mention a few.

RSE sponsors the “International Champions Tournament” that features the best soccer team all around the world including the likes of Real Madrid, Manchester United, Barcelona, AC Milan, Liverpool, and many others. In addition, they sponsor the ANNUAL SUMMER SOCCER TOURNAMENT. They also invested in a project with Vaynerchuk company on a seed incubator and etc. His company has also has invested in various sectors of technologies like Fan Vision, Thuzio and the Drone Racing League.

5. Philanthropic lifestyle

Matt Higgins is a philanthropist who’s committed to helping the needy and also funding the research of testicular cancer and autism. His daughter was diagnosed with autism as a toddler. In 2011, he ran the ING marathon to help raise money for autism. Higgins’s philanthropic lifestyle is worthy of emulation as people have enjoyed his philanthropic programs.

Conclusively, Matt Higgins’s exemplary lifestyle is a vision for young investors and students at large. His rise to stardom was fabulous, he’s regarded as one of the 40 top investors and Executives in New York.


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