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James Westbrook Net Worth: 5 Facts About Tati Westbrook’s Husband



James Westbrook Net Worth

James Westbrook is the husband of famous YouTube star Tati Westbrook. Tati is recently in the news after she slammed James Charles for betraying her on her video titled “Bye Sister”. The video posted by Tati shared all of her grievances with James Charles.

Before we reach into Tati Westbrook and James Charles, let us know who really her husband is. Here are some facts about James Westbrook.

1. Early Life and Family

James Alexander Westbrook was born on September 10, 1970, in North Carolina which makes him 48 years old. He was born to Dr. Sidney Westbrook Jr. and Linda Westbrook. He also has two sisters named Cheryl Fennell and Beth Robinson.

In 1988, he graduated from North State Academy in North Carolina and then went on to attend Georgia Institute of Technology.

2. He works in the media business.

According to Tati, James works in the media business. She once said “He’s so gifted with his view of how deals, contracts, business development and he’s a master at it. I love his brilliant mind”. James was the president of Magnalinx LLC, the company based in California manufactured magnetic therapy bracelets. But the company closed after 2008.

He was also the president of Hollywood Entertainment Partners Inc. and the VP of Motion Pictures, a talent agency.

3. James and Tati got married in 2017


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James is not an active person on social media but we know very much about him through Tati videos and social media posts. Tati and James have been together since 2010 and in 2013, they moved together into a home.

On January 11, 2017, Tati tied the knot with James. She shared her memorable day with her fans in a YouTube video days after the ceremony. James Charles was her makeup artist at her wedding. Her husband has also appeared on some of Tati’s YouTube videos including “Husband/Boyfriend does my makeup”.

James has a son named Taylor from his previous relationship. He was born in 1994 in Georgia but now resides in Los Angeles where he’s pursuing his musical career.

4. His wife Tati slammed James Charles for endorsing a rival company’s product.

In a 43 minute dramatic video, Tati slammed James Charles for endorsing a rival company’s beauty products at Coachella. Before the drama unfolded, she was a mentor to James Charles. She helped James to start his YouTube channel.

In her video, she also stated that James Charles asked her husband Westbrook to be his manager until Westbrook refused. She said “My husband would spend hours on the phone, looking over contracts getting him in a better position, We helped (James Charles) get into StyleHaul back when basically no one wanted to work with him because of his Ebola scandal and everyone was afraid that he was very toxic. But once again, we had his back”. Tati asked Charles to apologize to her husband and he did apologize to Tati and her husband in his YouTube video later.

5. James Westbrook net worth is estimated to be $700,000

As of 2019, James Westbrook net worth is estimated to be around $700,000. He earns the majority of his money working in the media business. On the other side, Tati Westbrook net worth is estimated to be around $3.5 million. She earns money through YouTube monetization and endorsing several cosmetics and beauty products.

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