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Grant Williams Net Worth: 5 Interesting Facts You Should Know



Grant Williams

Grant Williams is an American college basketball player currently associated with the Tennessee Volunteers of the Southeastern Conference (SEC). He is a two-time winner of the SEC Player of the Year.

1. Early Life

Williams was born on November 30, 1998, in Charlotte, North Carolina. His father always wanted him and his siblings to be different and create some change in the world. The right concerted cultivation from his parents helped him to be a very dynamic child with his curiosity being encouraged by his parents by trying new things.

He described himself to be a nerd growing up saying that he just loved to learn just about anything. He even competed in national chess tournaments, played several instruments, studied three languages and performed in his high school musical. At the end of the day, Basketball grew close to his heart and he started to focus a lot more of his time for it.

2. Grant Williams Career

Throughout high school, he had been a standout performer having broken some records and at the same time also become notable in his community. Recently on April 9, Williams made the announcement that he would be entering his name into the NBA Draft and hiring an agent while going through the process.

He announced that it was a special moment which he had prayed to God several times for it to manifest. However, he has stayed true to the University of Tennessee and says that if he doesn’t get the type of response from teams in the pre-draft process, he will be returning to the Vols for his senior season there. This platform will help him understand in detail where it is that he has to improve upon and also make the best decision for him and his career moving forward. His three years at the University has seen him grow leaps and bounds and says that he will forever be grateful to the program.

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3. Grant Williams Net Worth

Williams’ net worth is still under review. Though his career is still at an infant stage to be making any calculation as to what his net worth is. However, he seems to be doing pretty good even at this early stage.

This can be justified through a recent tweet from a fan that revealed that Williams paid for lunch for the fans who came to watch the match and were in the line. He says that it’s a way of giving back. Such an attitude shows that he might become a well-known star that is loved and adored in the future.

4. Grant Williams Height and Weight

The 20-year-old basketball player from Houston stands 6 feet 7.5 inches or 2.01 m tall. He weighs massive 107 kg or 235 pounds.

5. Personal Life

It seems that Grant Williams has leadership inside of him as a core value. Many have referred to him for having great energy both on and off the court. He seems to have a great bond with his fans and is always seen signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. Amazingly, recently he was seen along with teammate John  Fulkerson to stop and help change a tire for a Vols fan.

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